Groovy Record Cleaner + Cleaning Cloth

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This is a true story: Back at Lab II, we had a undersized pit of an office. Uno day, we had a water leak in our ceiling. The crud-filled water soaked our vinyl gems. The water dried and left a thick film of grime that stuck to the vinyl like shepard's pie. We sprayed a little somethin' somethin' of Groovy Cleaner, and no joke this shit made the records sound better than before. Even some noticeable cracks had disappeared. Electric Ladyland never sounded so sweet. Now we swear to this stuff. This bottle paid for itself when it miracle cleaned a bunch of 45s we picked up at the flea market. This bottle will last you a while and it comes with a free lint-free, static-free cloth.


  • 8oz of Groovy Cleaning Fluid
  • Groovy Record Ceaning Cloth