Qbert: Turntable TV Deluxe DVD


Qbert Turntable TV Deluxe DVD

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It's been years since the last Turntable TV, but Q-bert, Yogafrog, and Skratchy Seal are still up to their wacky scratch antics. In the latest installment of the TTV saga, witness DJ Q-bert visit the UK for DMC 2005 and chill with DJ Yeah (youngest scratch DJ), the secret origin of Skratchy Seal, Beat Boxing + Floor Squeaking with Trihedral, funky-ass tutting from Bionic Man and Pharcyde, the making of the QFO, and of course... LOTS of freestyle scratch sessions with Q and his homies from around the globe (like Misaya + Kouji of Japan, Vajra, Rafik, and Tyra). Features tons of extras too - most notably a bunch of old school TTV clips from the Thud Rumble vaults.

reviewed by snackmaster 12/2008