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Ego Trip Back Issues

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Issue 11 - Rakim $10.00
Issue 12 - Gangstarr $10.00
Issue 12 - Def Squad $10.00
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Ego Trip was and is one of the best magazines ever. All my copies are trashed from 50 friends reading them cover to cover in my bathroom. If somebody was in the can too long it could mean only one of two things: the latest News Stand Special or the latest Ego Trip. The first one I ever saw was issue #2 (cover had Method Man wearing a purple hood and staring out from a black background, iced fang fronts flashing like Ozzy on the cover of "Bark at the Moon"). Basically Ego Trip writes hilarious, informative articles makes fun of everybody, and basically don't give a fuck. Somehow they are smart and funny enough to get away with it. By this issue, the magazine's design and production had caught up with its smart-ass and the whole thing was tight. These are original deadstock copies from the late 90s.