Chill Pill Mobile Speakers

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Winner of Wired's "Best Mobile Gizmo" award. Chill Pill speakers are highly portable, pocket-sized speakers that can be transported in "pill" form (ingeniously held together by magnets). When you want to play music, simply pull apart the pill and untwist the tops to release the mini-subwoofers. In addition, all the needed cords (stereo plug, USB input) are built into the speakers with their own coil system.

For its size, the Chill Pill offers loud and clear sound. I plugged in my iPhone and the sound filled a medium sized room. The manufacturer boasts that the quality of the sound is better than standard desktop computer speakers. The Chill Pill also expands to reveal mini-subwoofers for enhanced bass.

The Chill Pill is powered by a rechargeable battery. You can recharge them either by plugging them into your computer's USB port (USB adaptor included) or the power adaptor (sold separately).


  • enclosed in rugged matte black case
  • works with all portable devices that have stereo out including iPods, iPhones, etc.
  • when in "pill" mode, measures 2" x 4"
  • built-in 1/8" stereo plug input cord
  • built-in USB recharging cord
  • volume control
  • rechargeable lithium battery provides up to six hours of playing time
  • can be charge via USB port of your computer or power plug (sold separately)