AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones

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  • TMA-1 Studio Headphones are specially designed for studio work, music production, DJing, and everyday listening
  • based on the TMA-1 DJ headphones, our most popular DJ headphone
  • designed for comfort with large, over-the-ear earpads and extra-padding in the headband
  • sound output is tuned for a neutral / flat response, which is optimal for studio work and sound mixing
  • flexible yet very durable design
  • includes both foam (isolating) and synthetic leather ear pads (for DJing)
  • includes detachable coiled headphone cord
  • includes zippered carrying pouch
  • rubberized, matte black finish
  • check the Labheads that use the TMA-1

TMA-1 Studio vs. TMA-1 DJ Headphones

  • over-ear design vs. on-ear design
  • newly-designed, larger ear pads
  • more padding in headband for more comfort during extended sessions
  • neutral / flat response sound output


The TMA-1 Studio Headphones are based on our most popular and bestselling DJ headphone, the TMA-1 DJ Headphones. The Studio model takes all the proven strengths of the TMA-1 and adds the studio monitor functionality. The two main features of a quality studio monitor are comfort (for long critical listening sessions) and a neutral / flat sound output (we'll explain this later in review). In terms of comfort, the Studios feature enlarged, over-the-ear ear cups that come in both foam and synthetic leather. The foam ear cups are better for sound isolation, while the synthetic leather ones give you a bit more comfort. In terms of sound response, the Studios deliver a quality flat output, meaning the sound is equally balanced between low, mid, and high frequencies. When you create music, you want to make sure your sound is flat to ensure it sounds good on all systems. Think of it as the baseline, so when someone plays your song on a boombox or a high end stereo system, your sound will be balanced (the user can always up the bass or treble).

What does a flat response actually sound like? In terms of the TMA-1 Studios, for everyday usage you probably won't notice the difference. In fact, the Studios will sound crisp and clear, much better than most standard headphones out there. For DJing, you will not notice much of a difference except a bit less bass (but still plenty enough to DJ with). The label "studio montiors" should not dissuade you from purchasing these for any application. The bottom line is that they sound great and they would be awesome to have on your desk or in the airport. Please Note that studio monitors like these are "big" headphones, they may not be the best for everyday commuters.åÊ


  • 40mm dynamic titanium drivers
  • 20 - 20K Frequency Response
  • 32 +/-15% Ohm Impeadance
  • weighs approximately .5 lbs (220 g) without cable
  • angled 3.5mm plug with 1/4" adaptor
  • 5.25" (1.6m) detachable coiled cord


  • 1/4" adaptor
  • zippered carrying pouch
  • (1) pair foam earpads (pre-mounted)
  • (1) pair synthetic leather earpads